The sun is shining and the day is long. Ahh, summer time. Warm weather brings out the bikinis and surfboards. As a Dad, he's always felt like it was his job to teach his daughter all she needs to know about life and now that summer is here, he has new lessons to teach. He offers to take his daughter to the beach for a nice day of surfing lessons. She's always wanted to learn and now that the two of them have a day alone, it's the perfect opportunity. He loads up the car and off they go.
His daughter has other things in mind besides just learning how to surf. She loves the way her Daddy looks in his swim trunks. She's been wanting to see if he'll give her lessons in sex. She makes him an offer he can't refuse. He's a bit nervous at first, but after a while he gets into the groove and shows her all there is to know about fucking. When all is said and done, it becomes a day that neither one of them will forget.