His daughter begged and begged to go the park this weekend and he finally decided to give in. The hopped into his little sports car and off they went. When they reached the park, he told her to have fun and that he'd be back in a couple hours to pick her up. He wanted to go home and relax on his Saturday afternoon. She had something else in mind.
She asked her daddy to stay with her at the park and teased him by saying that she had a surprise for him if he stayed. He really wanted to leave, but her sweet face and pouting lip made him park the car.
They went into the park where she began to run around and play with all of the equipment. She loved the swing and they had a playhouse too. She surprised her daddy with her lack of panties and then stripped down to nothing. His erection was telltale and he was glad he stayed.
After the park, they hopped in the car to go off to the cinema. The day was still young and the sex was not done.