Tawny woke up and saw her daddy sitting out by the pool. She walked over to tell him that she was leaving to go to the mall. He told her that she needed to clean the pool for him before doing anything else. In the brattiest way, she told to go to hell. Her daddy immediately sent her to her room.
While there, she decided she'd try to sneak out and go to the mall anyway. Her daddy caught her, literally. He was so angry. He turned her over his knee and spanked her ass. She ran away from him and during the chase, he fell.
She knew the only way to get out of trouble now was to please him the only way she knew how. She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock. Of course, that wasn't quite enough and they ended up fucking half the day away. In the end, she still had to clean the pool, but at least she had some fun first.