You know when you have that headache that just won't go away? Nothing will shake it, no matter what you do. This dad was having one of those days where nothing would help him. His daughter offered him up a warm cup of tea and some television to ease his mind, but it only made things worse for him...
Rating  5/5

He didn't want to leave her home alone again this Saturday, so he thought if he brought his daughter to work, she'd have fun playing on one of the other office computers. She usually seemed to be engrossed in whatever she did on the computer at home. He sat down to start his work as his daughter sat down at another desk to play...
Rating  5/5

No one wants to be caught jerking off, especially when your own daughter catches you! Dad didn't even have enough time to cover up before she came in wearing one of the skimpiest, trashiest outfits ever. She said she was going to a rock concert, but he was having none of that bullshit...
Rating  5/5

It's the end of the day and he's ready to close his jean shop down and go home. The door opens and his daughter walks in. He tells his daughter that he's closing up the shop and then they can leave. She's been hoping to catch him at closing time. His daughter has other things on her mind...
Rating  5/5

Daddy's always ready to fix the problems in the house. But the biggest problem isn't the drain right now; it's that his daughter won't leave him alone so he can do his job! She keeps getting in the way, and he keeps trying to kick her out. When he thinks she finally left, she comes back and starts to laugh because his dick is sticking out of his shorts...
Rating  5/5

It was a terrible practice today. Half the squad didn't show up on time and the other half were acting so silly that every pyramid ended up falling and the cheers sounded like shit. She couldn't believe how hard being a cheerleader really was turning out to be. Her dad is the football coach, so she knew she'd make the squad...
Rating  5/5

A nice day for these two meant that some work had to be done around the house, which is why Grandpa was pissed off about having to wait for his granddaughter to come back from her excursion. When she got back, he had her replant some flowers while he did some work on the side of the house...
Rating  5/5

He's been waiting for a beautiful day like this to get outside and do some upgrades to his bike. His daughter saw him and wanted to come out and see what he was up to. She's always wanted to ride on his motorcycle, but ever since he bought it, he's been working on it...
Rating  5/5

Her mom and dad left for work. Cindy was home all alone and went to their room to search through their stuff. She came across their sexy toys and got really excited. She'd always wanted to try them out. She'd heard about them from her girlfriends, but had never seen any in real life...
Rating  5/5

Tawny woke up and saw her daddy sitting out by the pool. She walked over to tell him that she was leaving to go to the mall. He told her that she needed to clean the pool for him before doing anything else. In the brattiest way, she told to go to hell. Her daddy immediately sent her to her room...
Rating  5/5

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